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Mocha Art Cafe Menu

Our Pasta and steaks selection are among the best in Mattanchery, with a variety of pancakes including Banana/Pineapple/Nutella, beef, chicken and Russian pancake Billini. The classic Middle Eastern breakfast dish is spicy and hearty. You can enjoy a wide range of lip-smacking food items and Shakshuka, the traditional Israeli dish. It is the most famous rendition of the tomato dish, which is sometimes mixed with meat but more often made in Israel with scrambled or poached eggs.
Fisherman's Pasta Rs. 500
Chicken & Mushroom White sause Rs. 400
Chicken & Mushroom Red/Pink Sause Rs. 400
Shrimp Alfredo Rs. 450
Mac and cheese-Shrimp Rs. 380
Mac and cheese-chicken Rs. 360
Pesto Sauce Rs. 380
Red sauce Rs. 380
White Sauce Rs. 380
Pink Sauce Rs. 380
Pasta Alfredo Rs. 350
Mac and Cheese-Veg Rs. 320
Banana Rs. 200
Pineaple Rs. 220
Chocolate Rs. 230
Nutella Rs. 250
Bilini (Russian Pan cake, served with choclate and ice cream) Rs. 300
Beef Rs. 250
Chicken (Shredded Spices with Cheese) Rs. 250
Beef Steak (with mushroom brown sauce) Rs. 510
Pepper Beef Steak ( Mushroom white sause) Rs. 510
Chilly Burn Garlic Beef Steak Rs. 510
Chicken Steak (with mushroom brown sauce) Rs. 480
Pepper Chicken Steak ( Mushroom white sause) Rs. 480
Chilly Burn Garlic Chicken Steak Rs. 530
Using only the finest ingredients, we offer a range of freshly made bread baked on site, accompanied by a delicious and unique range of Wheat, Garlic, Chilly Cheese and French Toast. Also on the menu are a variety of delicious coffee and Mocha café special, all of which are made using traditional French techniques and seasonal ingredients. You can taste our signature special Mocha sandwiches and Omelettes which are made using Keema cheese, Spanish mushroom cheese etc.
Mocha Coffe Rs. 160
Press Coffee Rs. 130
Café Latte Rs. 120
Espresso Rs. 90
Affogato Rs. 150
Cappuccino Rs. 160
Hot Chocolate Rs. 150
Americano Rs. 110
Wheat Toast Rs. 80
Garlic Toast Rs. 100
Chilly Cheese Toast Rs. 140
French toast Rs. 300
If you are looking for a small bite to snack with a friend or two, the pesto chicken would be an excellent choice. This deep-grilled wonder is simply finger-licking good. The Tawa prawns, are grilled to perfection making the prawns crunchy and tasty. Simply a well- seafood sizzler plays in your mind a full day. A must-have for tradition food lovers is Appam with veg stew, So, come and enjoy layers of homemade taste.
Jolokia Chicken *Signature Of Mocha Also Known as ghost pepper of northest India Rs. 460
Pesto Chiken (Shallow Frying with Pesto Sause and sauted …..) Rs. 380
Baked Chicken Paprika (Served with Veg Salad and Lemon Zest sause) Rs. 460
Garlic Chicken Paprika (Served with Lemon Zest Sause) Rs. 440
Steamed Chicken (Served with Brown Sause and Flavoured Rice) Rs. 440
Chicken Stoganoff Rs. 380
Chicken Honey Glazzed (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 380
Chicken Schnitzels (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 420
Chicken Alaking (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 400
Fish Alaking (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 420
Beef In Oyster Sauce (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 380
Beef Stoganoff (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 350
Shakshuka (Traditional Israeli Food served with Wheat Bread) Rs. 350
Seafood Sizzler (Served with Jeera Rice) Rs. 1200
Veg Alaking (served with Flavoured Rice) Rs. 350
Home-Made Granola (Combination of Dry Fruits and Seasonal Fruits served in a Glass Jar) Rs. 250
Rice - Jeera Rs. 150
Mixed Fruit Veg Rs. 150
Mexican Rs. 150
Seasonal Fruit Platter Rs. 180
Chicken Juicy Kebab Rs. 300
Piri Piri Chicken *Signature Of Mocha Rs. 320
Jamaican Jerk Chicken *Signature Of Mocha Rs. 320
Fish Mango Tawa (As Per Size) Rs. 000
Squid with Black Pepper and Herbs Rs. 450
Squid in Green Pepper Rs. 450
Prawns Tawa Grill Rs. 450
Prawns Garlic Rs. 450
Aloo Tikki Rs. 200
Butter Sauted Veg Rs. 200
The drinks menu includes a bespoke range of Cold drinks, Lassi and shakes which make the perfect partner to a comforting ground bean coffee, breakfast smoothie or a revitalizing juice. At Mocha art cafe, we acknowledge that coffee is the most important of the day, and have introduced a range of cold coffee and tea with ice cream and cranberry juice with ice-cream. Don’t forget to taste one of the best coffees in Kochi while you’re at Fort Kochi. And it’s not just new cuisines that the customers are looking for, but also quirky and innovative ambience, that give you a unique and memorable dining experience.
Mocha Special Blended Cold Coffee *Signature of MOCHA Rs. 200
Cold Coffee Rs. 130
Cold Coffe with Ice Cream Rs. 160
Ice Tea (Peach) Rs. 160
Ice Tea (Mint Lemon) Rs. 120
Lemonade Freshly squeezed lemonade made with Naruneendi Rs. 100
Ginger Lemonade Rs. 140
Blue Lemonade Rs. 120
Lemonade Mojito Rs. 120
Chilly Lemonade Mojito (Spicy) Rs. 120
Strawberry Mojito Rs. 150
Guva Mojito Rs. 150
Lychee Mojito Rs. 150
Peach and Apricot Mojito Rs. 160
Blueberry Mojito with Ice Cream Rs. 180
Pineapple with Ginger MInt Honey Rs. 160
Seasonal Fruit Juice Rs. 180
Saffron Shake Rs. 300
Avacado (Seasonal) Rs. 200
Tender Coconut Rs. 200
Dates Rs. 200
Strawberry Rs. 180
Mango Rs. 180
Chocolate Rs. 160
Keema Cheese Omelette Rs. 320
Spinach Mushroom Cheese Omelette Rs. 260
Chicken Cheese Omelette Rs. 300
Masala omelette Rs. 180
Cheese Omelette Rs. 320
Tuna Cheese Omelette Rs. 280
Tomato Cheese Omelette Rs. 260
Piri Piri Omelette Rs. 400
Farmer's Omellete Rs. 280
Crab Soup (XL) *Signature of MOCHA Rs. 250
Cream Of Crab Rs. 250
Cream of Chicken Rs. 190
Seafood Soup Rs. 250
Cream Of Mushroom Rs. 200
Soup of the Day Rs. 190
Seafood Salad Rs. 350
Prawns Honey Salad Rs. 350
Hawaiian Chicken Salad Rs. 300
Hawaiian Veg Salad Rs. 250
Veg Stir Fry Rs. 200
Green Salad Rs. 170
Watermelon Feta Salad Rs. 250
Pasta Salad with Garlic Toast Rs. 280
Saffron Tea Rs. 150
Green Tea Rs. 120
Ginger Tea Rs. 120
Masala Chai Rs. 70
Kashmiri Kahwa Rs. 120
Rose Mary Tea Rs. 70
Dates Rs. 200
Mango Rs. 170
Banana Rs. 150
Pineapple Rs. 160
Avocado Rs. 200
Naughty Kitty Ice Cream Rs. 200
Brownie with Ice Cream Rs. 190
Chocolate Cake Rs. 150