Birth Of Mocha Art Cafe

As the name suggests, Mocha art cafe is where one heads when in the mood for some relaxing enjoyment, tasty coffee, and soul-satisfying ambience!

As you walk through the Synagogue lane in Jew town Mattanchery a panoramic view of the historic Jewish Synagogue greets your eyes. This oldest synagogue in the country attracts thousands of tourists and is one of the most visited spots in Kochi. However next to the Synagogue is another Dutch building 400-year-old and once upon a time home to the Rabbis who worked in the Synagogue.

Comfortable Atmosphere

If you love the sensation of being out in the air, just sit in the cafe and grab a drink.

Delectable dishes

A wide range of lip smacking food items from our kitchen.

Art Gallery

A favored haunt of art lovers, it is renowned for its art installations and exhibitions.

Rare brew

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans will stimulate your senses.

Multi cuisine eateryMOCHA ART CAFE
The most ideal place to unwind and take a break is the Mocha Art Cafe.

Located at Jew Town in Mattancherry, named after the famous Italian Mokapot coffee, Mocha Art Café is the place to be, for enjoying some delicious, soul-filling saffron tea or the Mocha special cold coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

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